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Idaho Requirements
Obtaining Marriage Licenses in Idaho



The State of Idaho has its own set of laws and regulations regarding application for a marriage license. It’s a good idea to begin this process a month or so before your planned wedding date just in case.

In the state of Idaho, marriage licenses are issued by the County Recorder in the city or county where either the bride or groom lives, where you presently preside, or are visiting.  You don’t need to be a resident of Idaho in order to apply for a license with any County Recorder. (You may also receive a marriage license on-line.)

Normally, you do not need an appointment.  However, in the time of the COVID virus, appointments may be required.  Check with the County Recorder you plan to use ahead of time. (Find information related to County Recorders in each county at idahoweddingcelebrations.com.)

You will be required to present valid identification such as a driver’s license, military ID, state ID,  passport and a certified copy of your birth certificate, and both of you must be present.  (If you have been married previously, some Idaho Court Recorders may require documentation to prove it has been dissolved through death or divorce.)

Marriage licenses are legal documents; make sure your names are spelled correctly on the Marriage License when it is fill out.    Double check.

Idaho does not require a blood test or physical examination to obtain your marriage license.  You will be required to read an AIDS information sheet and sign the Marriage License Affidavit.  T

The license itself must be paid for in cash; the cost is $30-$40 on average (no checks accepted).  Some counties charge an extra fee on Saturday.

Once you have received your license, there is no waiting period, and no witnesses are required. Once issued, the licenses has no expiration date.  If the marriage license is not used in a year, you are requested to contact Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics.

A wedding officiant in Idaho is any ordained minister who can show proof of ordination.  Marriage Commissioners and Judges (Circuit Court, District Court, or retired and others sanctioned by the state) can perform civil wedding ceremonies.

A two-part copy of the marriage license is issued, to be signed,  completed, and promptly returned to the issuing County Recorder by the wedding officiant. 

If you have received your license from a County Recorder, a certified copy will be sent to you once the marriage license is recorded.  If you want more than one certified copy, communicate that with the County Recorder.  An extra fee may be required.

A certified marriage license is needed to change your name with Social Security, on driver's license, with passport as well as other documents.

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